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About Us

About Us

Devdesigns is a multi-disciplinary Glass & Façade consultant with focus on designs and engineering. The team consists highly qualified engineers, specialists in façade and glass engineering and its systems. Having experience in executing various projects of façade, Glass Works, Metal Fabrication, Railings, Windows and Doors. Served more than 10years in Indias No.1 windows and doors industry and more than 5years in Glass glazing, ACP & HPL claddings, executed more than 500 installations of glass, ACP, Metal Fabrication & Railings projects.

The team vast experience enables us, to identify the exact need. Mobilize the appropriate resources. Manage the project in a uniquely professional and efficient manner and deliver the most suitable solution. Fully aligned with the particularities of each application.

Our clients range from Architects, Builders, developers, general contractors to fabricators to suppliers.


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We strive to be nothing less than a successful, growing company, a preferred employer and a recognized leader in our façade and glass engineering world. Our mission is to utilize the expertise and experience we currently possess so that, in a continuously evolutionary industry, to provide superior and tailor-made solutions and enhancement which are proven to drive our client’s reputation and sales. We thereby ensure that we represent the company of First Choice for our clients.